Unblock YouTube Proxy Server

Are you bored at school or work and just want to hop on YouTube or another site to kill site time? Well if you are reading this right now, you're in luck. Simple click go on the form below and start browsing the web completely unrestricted with no filters. Make sure you share this site with other fellow co-workers and students. They will thank you later. :)



About Proxy Sites

This service lets you unblock and get access to just about any YouTube video out there. Simple click go on the form above and start browsing! Aside from being able to unblock YouTube you can also bypass any web filter and access any other website that is blocked.

Web proxies are like virtual browsers. When you visit one, you enter the URL of the website you are trying to access and it will take you there using the internet connection of the web sever the proxy service is running on instead of yours.

It acts like a middle man. Not all proxy services are secure unlike this service. Our entire website is SSL secured which means all your web traffic is encrypted. We pride ourselves in offering the best most secure proxy service.

There are different ways to access blocked or filtered websites. One method is obviously through the use of sites like this one. Another method is through the use of a VPN tunnel. This method is by far better since it offers a very seamless user experience.

It does have drawbacks however. VPNs usually require you to install software on your computer. This isn’t always an option if you are browsing from places like work or school. For this reason browser based services like this one are very popular. This service is free simple to use and very compatible with most websites!

Share this YouTube proxy with your friends. If they don’t know what a YouTube proxy is, feel free to send them here and have them read this. There are still lots of people out there who don’t know what a proxy is and even less know how useful these sites can be.