• How-To Make a Steak Sandwich with Matty Matheson

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    Where are we? Italy? Tuscany? The Riviera? NO! We’re in the MUNCHIES Test Kitchen! And Matty’s showing us how to make a flawless steak sandwich. And because everyone loves healthy right now, Matty adds a crunchy chopped kale chimichurri and a beautiful little tomato salad.

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      The Pizza Show - Bay Area - Duration: 25 minutes.

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      The Bay Area is all about great produce, and there’s no better canvas to feature it on than pizza. From SF to Napa, we’re trying some of the best pizza Nor Cal has to offer.

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    • How-To S1 • E1

      How-To Make Classic-Style Pork Gua Bao - Duration: 9 minutes, 53 seconds.

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      Chef Bao Bao of Greenpoint restaurant Baoburg shows us how to make pork gua bao in the MUNCHIES Test Kitchen. These perfectly steamed buns are light, fluffy, and filled with sweet and savory slow-c...
    • Matty Mathesons's Lava Cake of Love - Duration: 4 minutes, 36 seconds.

      • 1 week ago
      Click here for the recipe on Munchies: https://vice.video/2sl7YLo

      In this scene from IT'S SUPPERTIME!, Matty makes a chocolate lava cake that is sure to be the perfect close to a romantic meal.

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    • A Crowd-Pleasing Queso Recipe for Game Day - Duration: 6 minutes, 3 seconds.

      • 2 weeks ago
      Click here for the recipe on Munchies: https://vice.video/2E3ciUk

      In this scene from IT'S SUPPERTIME!, Matty makes a triple cheese queso with Oaxacan, Monterey Jack, and American. Plus fresh torti...
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    • How-To Make Harissa with Le Verre Volé - Duration: 4 minutes, 33 seconds.

      • 2 weeks ago
      Le Verre Volé chef Thomas Vicente tells us how to make his famous Harissa, deified amongst Parisian chefs such as Septime's Bertrand Grebaut.

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    • How-To: Make a Deadliest Catch Pineapple Bowl with Trap Kitchen - Duration: 10 minutes.

      • 3 weeks ago
      Malachi "Spank" Jenkins and Roberto "News" Smith from Trap Kitchen stop by the MUNCHIES test kitchen to show us how to make one of their signature pineapple bowls filled with lobster, shrimp, king ...
    • The Pizza Show S2 • E11

      The Pizza Show: Detroit - Duration: 27 minutes.

      • 3 weeks ago
      Detroit might be known as the motor city, but it's also the pizza city. Our host Frank Pinello heads west to try out the rectangular pies unique to the city. We start our tour with the classics—Bud...
    • Matty Matheson's Finger Lickin’ Butter Chicken - Duration: 7 minutes.

      • 3 weeks ago
      Click here for Matty's Butter chicken recipe: https://vice.video/2F7uoS5

      In this scene from IT'S SUPPERTIME!, Matty shows you how to whip up a delicious butter chicken from start to finish.

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    • The Pizza Show S2 • E10

      The Pizza Show: Rome - Duration: 26 minutes.

      • 1 month ago
      When in Rome...The Pizza Show is gonna eat a lot of pizza. Frank Pinello explores the Roman pizza scene, which is known for its two distinctive styles: pizza al taglio (rectangular and sold by weig...
    • How-To S1 • E3

      Matty's Family Recipe for Magnificent Mussels - Duration: 4 minutes, 17 seconds.

      • 1 month ago
      In this scene from IT'S SUPPERTIME!, Matty shares a family recipe for (shelled) mussels in a quick and easy tomato sauce.

      Click here to see the recipe via Munchies: https://vice.video/2mbTW8L

    • Action Bronson Drinks Through Rural France - From Paris with Love (Part 3) - Duration: 23 minutes.

      • 1 month ago
      In the third and final installment of the critically-acclaimed smash hit trilogy From Paris with Love we find ourselves starting out at Le Verre Volé. Action is in for a surprise, as Clovis and the...
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  • Bong Appetit Play all

    Take a cannabis-fueled culinary journey in search of bold flavors, colorful characters, and truly high-end eating as Bong Appetit travels the world seeking out those with a passion for food, weed, and merriment.
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  • MUNCHIES Guide to Norway Play all

    Your guide to the best food, fish, and drinks in Norway.
    • From Sea to Table: The MUNCHIES Guide to Norway (Part 1) - Duration: 14 minutes.

      • 4 months ago
      The journey starts in Oslo where we meet our host Halaigh Whelan-McManus at Maaemo, the three-star Michelin restaurant where he works as a souschef. After talking to his boss about the wonders of N...
    • Dining in Snowy Heights: The MUNCHIES Guide to Norway (Part 2) - Duration: 17 minutes.

      • 4 months ago
      The “fjell” - the mountain - is an integral part of Norwegian culture. Also when it comes to food. Halaigh meets up with Randi Skaug who has scaled Mount Everest and the world’s highest peaks, and ...
    • Champion Cod and Deep Dives: The MUNCHIES Guide to Norway (Part 3) - Duration: 14 minutes.

      • 4 months ago
      Norwegian cod is a big deal – and not just in Norway. The famous skrei cod is salted, dried and exported around the world, where it’s a treasured ingredient. Halaigh gets to experience this wonder ...
    • Northern Exposure: MUNCHIES Guide to Norway (Part 4) - Duration: 19 minutes.

      • 4 months ago
      We travel to the northernmost parts of Norway and start off in Finnmark where me meet the young Sami reindeer herder Jon Mikkel. Jon Mikkel is carrying on the family business and tradition, and he ...
    • The City Life: MUNCHIES Guide to Norway (Part 5) - Duration: 15 minutes.

      • 4 months ago
      In this final episode, Halaigh heads back to Oslo and starts the day with a cup of coffee at cult barista Tim Wendelboe’s cafe. Tim has long queues of coffee lovers from all over the world lining u...
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  • Fuck, That's Delicious with Action Bronson Play all

    The long-awaited and much anticipated show dealing with the often rapped about dining habits of our favorite rapper, Action Bronson, is finally upon us. The monthly series will capture Action's culinary adventures on his ongoing world tour.
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  • Huang's World (Season 1) Play all

    Eddie Huang is back in Huang's World. Catch the classics only on MUNCHIES. More at https://munchies.vice.com/show/huangs-world

    Huang's World is a genre-bending venture into subculture through the lens of food. Raw, wild, and heartfelt, Eddie Huang gets down in the underbellies of cities around the world in search of what's cooking in their back alleys and underground spots. He's hunting rabbits with biker gangs in Oakland, eating seafood and surfing in Taiwan, hitting low-rider BBQs in East LA, and dining on rice and beans with your drug dealer's grandmother in Miami.
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  • Chef's Night Out Play all

    Our signature Munchies show is a wide-eyed answer to the glut of sleepy TV food shows. We're plying our favorite chefs with food, drink, and questions, and then scouring their kitchens for late-night snacks.
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  • FUEL Play all

    The extreme diets of athletes. Check out MUNCHIES.tv for more: http://munchies.vice.com/show/fuel
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  • How To with Matty Matheson Play all

    Matty's favorite recipes.
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